The ZHRO™ Kit

Diesel to Natural Gas Retrofit

The ZHRO™ Fuel Injector System’s combustion strategy is flexible and can be adapted to any natural gas fuel source. For applications where range anxiety is an issue, a higher density fuel can be used. For situations where cost is the biggest factor, the cheapest available fuel can be leveraged.

The ZHRO™ Fuel Injector System provides an unprecedented transformation in natural gas engine technology. All of the legendary performance and reliability of the diesel engine is retained, while the additional environmental and cost advantages of a natural gas machine are added to the system.


Fuel Injector

The proprietary fuel injector embodies years of research, design, and trade secret material science that allow for the high performance characteristics of the conversion kit.


Fuel System

The fuel system typically consists of tanks, compressor, fuel lines and a fuel conditioning system.  Select your choice of off-the-shelf fuel storage and delivery components based on fuel requirements.



Customized software interfaces with the engine and its control systems, board sensors and actuators  to monitor and control all aspects of engine, fuel system and other vehicle operation.

Key Benefits

  • Converts your Diesel Engine to use 100% Natural Gas
  • A non-invasive retrofit that can be completed in 8 hours
  • Oil is not contaminated by fuel, thus reducing engine wear
  • Replacement parts are easily sourced and affordable to maintain
  • Designed to meet the exact performance standards of its diesel counterpart
  • Allows your to drive a cleaner, greener, more fuel efficient vehicle

Converting to Natural Gas

Major developments have been made to improve the emissions quality from diesel engines, but the trucking sector is still one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in America. Increasingly strict EPA emissions requirements are requiring trucking companies to adapt swiftly to improve emissions.

In order to comply with EPA Tier 4 standards, owners will either have to replace their trucks or opt for expensive, invasive retrofits.  ZHRO™’s affordable retrofit option allows an owner to salvage their existing equipment while still meeting emissions requirements. ZHRO™ can convert Class-4 through Class-8 diesel trucks to run on compressed natural gas or liquified Natural Gas.

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