Our Story

GTS is bringing a sustainable green solution in the transportation industry to Canada.

Are we making a difference?

All the fun and money in the world is meaningless unless we bring the question “are we making a difference” into the equation. It takes leadership to truly make a difference in this world and without the ability to influence and solve problems we cannot make a positive difference. We believe that there comes a time in our lives when it is critical to ask ourselves difficult questions. How can we consistently continue to thrive and grow through change, and affect the right thinking?
The ZHRO Technology that GTS is bringing to the Canadian market is invaluable and a game changer. GTS believes that the true value in our technology lies in how lives will be transformed. It is about having more people waking up every morning, reflecting on another beautiful day, and knowing that what we do and think makes a difference.

Our Story

Some may remember that in the early 80’s interest rates climbed into the nose bleed area of 20 percent.  This changed the outlook of reality for so many families. Personally for us and our 2 small children age 2 and 4 at the time, our world was turned upside down. With the whole world reeling from the oil embargo, inflation at unheard of rates, and companies slashing employees left and right to keep some semblance of profitability, people were losing their homes and businesses disappeared. It was a time of great upheaval and during this time, with his lack of seniority, Chris was reduced from full-time to a part-time position. pg_family2

We came across a business for sale, a wholesale delivery company. It would be our first business venture and it entailed delivering and servicing 32 businesses from Kamloops to Williams Lake, BC. This 600 km plus round trip required leaving Kamloops at 4:00 am in the morning. Prior to leaving in the morning I would pick up the pallets of freshly baked goodies and stacks of the latest issue of TV Guide which was much needed at that time.  Then with my truck loaded to the hilt, my 15 plus hour day would begin. Come Rain or Shine, Sleet or Snow, my little truck “Northern Express” had the “I Can” attitude.

So there began my adventure into the world of trucking! No I did not drive a huge 18 wheeler, but my propane powered 6-wheeler cube van. Back then conversions left a lot to be desired. Propane and cold weather are not a winning combination. I still remember when it would get to -30 Celsius and colder and in order to stay warm I was armed with a toque, gloves, and a blanket on my lap.

I also remember the warm spirit of the truckers on the road, and many a night following the glow of red taillights safely home.  I observed that it was not easy driving the distances that some of the truckers drove and coping with some of the hazardous loads they were carrying, let alone some of the poor driving etiquettes of others on the road.

pg_redtruck2I developed a great appreciation and understanding of how the intrinsic working of the fabric of our society, especially here in Canada operated.  Without the trucker, the lifestyle we all so enjoy in this great country of ours would cease to exist.  Consider everything you consume today and more than likely there is a truck and a trucker involved.

Fast forwarding to January of 2010, Chris and I were invited to view some new technology that was being developed in Phoenix, Arizona and what we were exposed to there changed our lives forever. The technology is revolutionary, the vision is huge, and the founders driving the vision are extraordinary human beings. How could one not become involved and be part of “The Change We Hope to Be?”

It is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities where all the stars are aligned. We were exposed to a revolutionizing technology, a viable and sustainable solution for the transportation industry, and isn’t it ironic that it will be from the ground up starting with the trucker. This is the beginning of the “Greening of Canada from Coast to Coast.”

In Health & Prosperity,

Elizabeth and Chris Kutschera, Co-Founders

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